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Netflix Adds Classic Black ‘90s Sitcoms

Team Stardust
July 29, 2020

Not only has Netflix been consistently adding new content to their platform and keeping everyone sane throughout the pandemic, but they just announced they’ve acquired the rights to stream several classic Black ‘90s sitcoms. 

Starting August 1st, streamers can feel nostalgic and reminisce by watching their favorite shows like One on One and Moesha.

Here’s the full line-up:

Moesha - Aug 1 

The Game S1-3 - Aug 15

Sister, Sister - Sept 1 

Girlfriends - Sept 11 

The Parkers - Oct 1 

Half & Half - Oct 15

One on One - Oct 15

Fans have been showing their excitement to rewatch these shows all over social media with many remembering their favorite moments, like when Breanna and Arnaz wore matching pink outfits to win “Cutest Couple” in the yearbook on One and One.😂

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What Black ‘90s sitcom are you most excited to stream on Netflix this fall? What were some of your favorite scenes from these shows? Let us know in the comments below!