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Netflix Gains 10 Million New Subscribers

Team Stardust
July 17, 2020

Despite an increase in competition among newer streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+, Quibi, and Peacock, Netflix remains on top. Since more people are staying home in the fight against spreading COVID-19, they’ve been relying on streaming services for daily entertainment.

Netflix gained 10.1 million new subscribers in their second quarter, setting a new record. Netflix’s quarterly shareholder letter said, “We live in uncertain times with restrictions on what we can do socially and many people are turning to entertainment for relaxation, connection, comfort and stimulation.”

As many social media users continue to point out, Netflix is overly prepared for lockdown with enough content to sustain audiences for months on end. Nearly every day Netflix drops a trailer for a new, high-quality show or movie that will hit the streaming platform in upcoming weeks. Netflix’s latest hit is The Old Guard with Charlize Theron, which premiered on the service last week and is already garnering stellar reviews.

Unlike newer streaming services, such as Disney+ and HBO Max, that were forced to halt production and move back premiere dates (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Friends Reunion Special), Netflix had a range of content ready to go. Also, unlike Quibi’s abysmal launch with shows that have failed to resonate with audiences and poor user experiences, Netflix originals continue to delight and surprise viewers.

What’s the best new Netflix original you’ve watched over the past few months? Let us know in the comments!