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Netflix raises subscription prices

January 15, 2019
Streaming giant Netflix has announced today that it is increasing the price of its United States subscription plans. There are currently three plans you can sign up for and they are each seeing a $1-$2 price hike. NEW PRICES: Basic Plan: $9 per month (previously $8) Middle Plan: $13 per month (previously $11) Highest Plan: $16 per month (previously $14) Changes will begin within the next three months for current subscribers and immediately for new ones. These increases are bound to happen. They will continue to happen. In recent years, Netflix has invested billions of dollars into their own original content so it’s no surprise their 58 million subscribers across the U.S. will be paying a bit more for their [practically] unlimited streaming. As recent as last month, Netflix had some of their biggest original releases to date with ‘Bird Box’ and ‘Back Mirror: Bandersnatch’ (plus plenty of Oscar buzz around their film ‘Roma’) and with hundreds of originals planned to release through 2019, the price still beats paying for cable or even buying a ticket to a movie theater (especially since one ticket will likely cost you more than a full month of Netflix). Apart from an already saturated market of streaming services that includes Amazon & Hulu - 2019 will see Disney and Warner Bros. also releasing their own streaming platforms. Will you stick around after this price hike goes into effect or will you be swapping to another service? Let us know your comments on this news below!