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New Star Wars Game Show: Jar Jar Binks To Host

Team Stardust
December 3, 2019

Oh Jar Jar, there are so many ways to describe you. A klutzy Gungan. A goofball. Even a Sith Lord (if the conspiracies are to be believed). ‘Game show host’ never came to mind when we first saw you on the silver screen, but here we are.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will premiere on Disney+ in 2020 and will feature Jar Jar Binks actor, Ahmed Best, as the host. The new series in the Star Wars franchise is a kids game show where young contestants will be put to the test as they show off three core Jedi principles: strength, knowledge, and bravery. The contestants will have to display their talents while competing in fun, Star Wars themed obstacles. Hopefully there will be some references to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian along with throwbacks to the older films!

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The setting will change as contestants are moved from tests on a forest plant, challenges in a Jedi star cruiser, and obstacles inside a Jedi temple. Get ready to see contestants use the Force in this upcoming Star Wars game show. 

Are you ready to see the next generation of young Padawons try to reach the rank of Jedi Knight?

Let us know in the comments below!

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