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Peacock: $2 Billion in 2 Years

Team Stardust
December 11, 2019

Streaming services are continuing to pop onto our screens and into our lives. First there was Netflix. Then Hulu and HBO. Then Amazon Prime Video. Recently Apple TV+ joined the mix and their new series The Morning Show was actually nominated for the Golden Globes. Disney+ took the world by storm with The Mandalorian and nostalgic titles like DarkWing Duck and That’s So Raven.

Looking ahead, NBC’ Universal's Peacock will join the streaming wars in April 2020 and Comcast is projecting to pour $2 billion dollars into the new service for its first two years. To put that $2 billion into context for you, Avengers: Endgame costs $14.99 to purchase on Amazon Prime. With $2 billion, you could purchase Avengers: Endgame 133,422,281.5 times. Comcast is pouring a lot of money into the new service, which they don’t expect to make a profit for the first five years.

Peacock will exclusively have streaming rights for The Office and Parks and Recreation. The new service also has contracts with Focus Features, Universal Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation to create original movies for the platform. Although Peacock has not released how much their service will cost, it will be free to any Comcast pay-TV subscribers.

Are you planning on getting Peacock? Have you watched anything on Apple TV+?

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