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Pixar Adds Mindy Kaling To ‘Monsters At Work’ Series

Team Stardust
March 17, 2021

Disney announced a slew of upcoming television series slated for their streaming service Disney+ back in December. From the new Obi Wan Kenobi show to Marvel’s Loki, Disney has shown to be a major contender on the small screen. Now, the Mouse House has cast the first voice actor for the Monsters, Inc. spinoff series, Monsters at Work.

Mindy Kaling (The Office, Inside Out) has been cast as the energetic Val Little, a member of the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team. Actor Bonnie Hunt will be reprising her role as Ms. Flint, who was the monster in charge of training new Scarers in the Monsters, Inc. movie. However, in this series, Ms. Flint is now the head of the department that recruits and trains Jokesters to make the children laugh. 

Monsters At Work will act as the television sequel to Monsters, Inc. and takes place six months after Monsters Inc. made the transition to fueling the world with laughter instead of screams. Rumor has it that John Goodman and Billy Crystal are set to reprise their roles as Sully and Mike Wazowski, respectively.

While the plot of Monsters at Work remains relatively unknown, we are excited to see brilliant actors becoming involved.

Are you excited to see your fav monsters in Monsters at Work on Disney+?