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‘Rush Hour’ Female Reboot in the Works

March 6, 2019
In recent years, several film franchises have changed things up with reboots featuring female leads. ‘Ghostbusters (2016)’, ‘Ocean’s 8 (2018)’ and ‘What Men Want (2019)’ are a few of the films that have swapped out the lead-role genders and ‘Rush Hour’ can now be added to that list. The 1998 hit action/comedy film starred Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker as two mismatched police officers - it went on two spawn two sequels. The third installment releasing in 2007. This isn’t the first attempt at bringing back the ‘Rush Hour’ name as it was briefly adapted into a television series on CBS before being canceled after just one season back in 2016. Interestingly enough, in a recent interview, ‘Rush Hour’ star Chris Tucker said he does expect a fourth one to be made. Details are still scarce in this recent reboot announcement but what is known about the STX Entertainment production is that Bingbing Li (‘The Meg’, ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’) is being looked at for one of the lead roles. Who would you like to see opposite of Li? Do you think ‘Rush Hour’ has some good potential to be remade with female leads? Let us know your thoughts on this news below!