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Russian Doll: Season 1 Review

July 18, 2019

Three Nadias, Two Seasons, and One Great Show

--Spoilers Ahead--

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Count 'em! One, two, three Nadias in Netflix's 'Russian Doll'

Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get ready for season two of Russian Doll! Netflix announced this past June that Russian Doll will be airing for a second season. While I was satisfied with the show only being one season, I am also eager to see what will happen to Nadia and Alan. Season one ended with the perfect amount of ambiguity where I was happy that our characters found each other again, but I also didn’t fully understand what actually happened.

Season one ends with an almost parallel shot of both sets of Nadia and Alan as they walk under the bridge.

This is important: the remembering Nadia has a black suit while the unknowing Nadia has a grey suit; the remembering Alan has a red handkerchief while the unknowing Alan does not.

Once each set of characters gets to the middle of the bridge, two Nadias in grey suits take a lantern and the two shots quickly cut to one. However, the one shot contains THREE Nadias. The Nadia in a black suit suddenly has a lantern and is reunited the red-handkerchief Alan that remembers. Two other Nadias in grey suits no longer have lanterns and walk right past the remembering Nadia.

We followed one Nadia in a grey suit, but why is there another one? Does this give a hint to what the second season will be about?

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Natasha Lyonne as the series' lead

Since we can safely assume the final Alan and Nadia remember their multiple deaths, season two could continue to follow these characters as they attempt to create better lives for themselves. Something would inevitably go wrong and they would have to discover the exact reason why the multiple deaths happened to them in the first place.

Maybe they find other people that also experienced the Russian Doll phenomena? What if they found part of themselves still trapped in an endless death loop? It would be interesting to learn more about the exact cause of the multiple deaths instead of chalking it up to a type of programming issue in our universe.

My big question for season two revolves around if there is yet another set of Nadia and Alan still out there. Why is there a third Nadia at the end of season one if we only followed two? An initial thought was that Nadia #3 was the Nadia that originally died because she did not have Alan’s help. However, she was wearing all black when I looked back at her first death, which may disprove this theory. That only leaves the possibility that there was another Nadia out there whose story we did not fully get to see.

Season two could be following this other grey-suited Nadia. We could physically follow the grey-suited Nadia, or the Nadia that remembers could slowly gain back memories from the grey-suited Nadia’s experiences. There is also a possibility that the show will go a completely different route and turn into an anthology of stories with Nadia acting as the main thread connecting each season.

An anthology would allow for different Nadia’s to appear to characters at different stages in her life and in their lives. Writer and co-creator of Russian Doll, Leslye Headland, said the show was pitched as three seasons. Knowing the creators have a plan gives me hope that season two will be just as great and surprising as season one.

No matter what season two brings, I know that it will be illuminating for our main characters. Nadia ends the season by leading a parade of the dead out from under the bridge with a lantern to guide her. She has finally made it out of the darkness and has more goodness in her life. Now, she has a guiding light.

What do you think season two will bring? Why are there three Nadias at the end of season one?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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