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See 'Shazam!' Two Weeks Early

March 13, 2019
After a couple hits - and a few more misses - Warner Bros. and the DC cinematic universe may have a pretty solid film on their hands with the upcoming ‘Shazam!’ release. Though scheduled to officially hit the big screen on April 5, early critic reviews of the latest DCEU superhero film (which have all been very positive) seem to have the studio eager to get more eyes on it as they are teaming up with Fandango to host early screenings in 1,200 theaters on Saturday, March 23. Interested in seeing ‘Shazam!’ a few weeks early and contributing to the [hopefully positive] buzz around it?! Simply head on over to to grab a ticket and, of course, be sure to share a reaction on Stardust after you see it. Tag a friend below who needs to know about the early screening! 

Are YOU looking forward to ‘Shazam!’?