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‘Stranger Things’ Drive-Through Experience

Team Stardust
August 22, 2020

Get ready to journey into the Upside-Down because Stranger Things is coming to Los Angeles with ‘Stranger Things’: The Drive-Into Experience.

Even though Halloween is looking gloomier than usual, since many annual Halloween events have been cancelled across the U.S., the U.K. company Secret Cinema has come up with a way for Stranger Things fans to safely get their Halloween fix. The Stranger Things immersive drive-through experience will bring the Netflix series to life in an hour-long adventure—from the safety of your own car. 

Secret Cinema says they will take groups of 24 cars at a time through “a world of bitchin’ tunes, mullets and monster hunts.” You will see actors in costume perform scenes while riding though sets like Russian labs, the Starcourt Mall, and the Upside Down. 

While a specific location is not available, Secret Cinema says the event will take place in Downtown LA. TimeOut Los Angeles guesses that since ‘Stranger Things’: The Drive-Into Experience is described as a multi-level experience, it will take place in one of the massive parking garages found in Downtown LA.

If you live in SoCal and are looking for a safe way to celebrate Halloween, you can add your name to a waitlist through Fever here. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, August 26 at noon starting at $59.

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Header image courtesy of Timeout Los Angeles.