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‘Tenet’ To Release Internationally Before U.S. Premiere

Team Stardust
July 27, 2020

Warner Bros. just released updated plans to debut Tenet...again. After delaying the film indefinitely last week, movie fans were left wondering if Tenet would premiere in 2020 or be postponed until 2021, like A Quiet Place Part II.

The new sci-fi thriller is now set to premiere internationally on August 26, and in select cities across North America on September 3—just in time for Labor Day weekend. Variety reports the movie will launch in 70 international territories including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. However, Warner Bros. is still waiting to see if they can debut in China due to restrictions of movie run-times. Currently, theaters in China are not allowed to play films over two hours and Tenet’s total run-time is slightly above 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

Even though premiering internationally before domestically can be viewed as risky, Warner Bros. has decided to take the leap as many international markets are reopening due to the decline in local coronavirus cases. Plus, many international cinemas will rely on new films to entice customers to return to theaters.

With an international release before a domestic release, there comes concerns about piracy and spoilers reaching US audiences. Christopher Nolan films are mysterious and mind-bending. If spoilers reach potential movie-goers before they have the chance to see the film, will the viewing experience be tarnished and cause box office sales to suffer? 

If the proposed international release dates for Tenet do not change, it will be the first new Hollywood blockbuster to release in theaters since the pandemic began.

Do you think an international release before a domestic release is the best strategy to premiere Tenet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!