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The End of an Era: Game of Thrones finale recap

Austin Bruns
May 21, 2019
'The End of an Era: Game of Thrones finale recap' by Austin Bruns So that’s that. It’s over. Done with. No more. Say goodbye! Sayonara! This, the last Game of Thrones episode ever, ends the monumentally historic television powerhouse and we need to talk about it. First, some bad news. We had a lot of meaningless Tyrion fill time. There was what felt like nearly half an hour of Tyrion walking slowly through empty hallways and down staircases in the Red Keep. Then, there were the twenty or so seconds of Tyrion laying silently on his side while in captivity. A whole scene where Tyrion is re-arranging chairs in the meeting room? Sure. (Although I have to admit I laughed hard at that part, especially when Davos comes in and starts slamming the chair around). It just feels like there shouldn’t have been any time to waste. There were some good parts, too. Sam was just as comedic and wholesome as I wanted him to be and I’m glad his story ended the way it did. Brienne putting Jaime’s deeds into the Book of Brothers and struggling to do him the honor of writing those last words, “He died for his Queen,” was poetic and heartbreaking. I wanted to see her name enshrined in the pages next to his. Bran Stark sitting on the Iron Throne did not generate a whole lot of excitement from me. I’d be interested to hear your comments and see if you felt the same. His mind and motives were draped beneath too thick a veil and I never gained a real understanding of what the Three-Eyed Raven actually was. He wasn’t highly involved tactically in the battles of Winterfell and the Seven Kingdoms, so I felt like he hadn’t earned the title of King the way Jon Snow or even Dany had. I know Dany was evil, but there was a moment in that episode where I still somehow believed that she could still redeem herself, but ultimately I knew it was impossible. What she had done was beyond redemption, but she was a character I was rooting for the last eight years - until literally two weeks ago when she started to go crazy. You can’t fault me for still feeling hope for her. When she was standing there; rallying the Unsullied, rallying her Dothraki, with Drogon shrieking into the sky and beating his wings at her shoulder, I thought she looked as powerful and intimidating as she had the entire series. But Jon Snow did the right thing. He did his duty till the end and finally broke the wheel. Robin Arryn looks like he successfully aged out of his ‘whatever that was’ stage.  Edmure Tully - nice to see you. That was funny when you tried to be the king. Now sit down. Jon’s reunion with Ghost and knowing they’ll stay close companions was absolutely necessary. I didn’t realize how much I needed that to happen. Sansa convinced Bran that the North should be an independent kingdom. Tough Sell. Can’t believe he went for it. I think we all knew going into this episode that the finale was not going to be perfect. They didn’t have enough time to deliver an impactful ending for every character. Now that it’s over, I feel like Game of Thrones was still one of the best shows of all time. Even still, it could have been better. The final episode only received a 33% score on Stardust and I can’t disagree with the knowledgeable public. Now that it’s over, were there any loose ends that you wanted tied up? What did you like or what didn’t you like about the finale? Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at