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Top 5 Scariest Halloween Movies

October 28, 2019

Did you ever play ghost-in-the-graveyard when you were a kid? Whenever I think back to ghost-in-the-graveyard, we always played it when it was pitch black with only one flashlight marking the safe zone. I remember feeling my heartbeat quicken as I anxiously searched for the person who was ‘it’ to run out and tag me. All at once I was scared, thrilled, and having the time of my life. Now as an adult, I have been able to feel similar feelings of fear and exhilaration with fantastic horror and thriller films.

Below are my top five Halloween-themed horror movies to frighten and excite you as Halloween steadily approaches. Watch them if you dare!

5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Based on the classic frightening children’s book series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark offers multiple monsters packaged into one fantastic film. The movie drew heavily on the source illustrations for inspiration and the final products are horrific in the best possible way. Watch Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark if you are looking for a good horror/thriller with childhood nostalgia added to the mix.

4. Trick ‘r Treat: Trick ‘r Treat is a truly Halloween-focused film. The anthology of horror stories each take place on Halloween and feature the character Sam. You better hope to not see Sam, the extremely creepy child trick-or-treater, this Halloween. To ensure that you will not see Sam, you must never break any of his “rules” of Halloween. Overall, Trick ‘r Treat is a fantastic slasher film that has quickly become a Halloween classic.

3. The Houses October Built: If you want to be really scared this Halloween season, watch The Houses October Built the night before you plan on entering a haunted house. The surprisingly well-executed found footage film focuses on a group of friends attempting to find the scariest haunted house in America. What they find on that cursed Halloween night is much more than they bargained for. If you enjoy compelling characters, natural dialogue, and well-timed jump scares, then this is the perfect horror film for you.

2. Donnie Darko: Donnie Darko is an intense psychological thriller starring Jake Gyllenhall. This is one of those films where feel like you are going crazy alongside the main character. The fear and confusion the characters’ feel seems to crawl out of your TV and creep around while you watch the film. Donnie Darko is one of my favorite horror films because you always leave it feeling slightly scared and very confused. 

1. Halloween (1978): It comes as no surprise that Halloween takes the number one spot in my favorite Halloween-themed horror films. Although another Halloween premiered in 2018, I still prefer the original 1978 slasher film for its classic cinematography and horrific plot. The film that started the entire Halloween film franchise is a classic go-to scary film to watch on Halloween night.

What are your favorite Halloween-themed horror films? What is the scariest horror film that you have ever seen?

Let me know in the comments below!