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‘Toy Story 4’ beats Pixar pre-sale record

May 30, 2019
‘Toy Story’ released in 1995. It was the first Pixar film and the first ever fully computer-animated feature film. Nearly 25 years later, the story of the living toys is coming to an end. ‘Toy Story 4’ is an addition to the Toy Story world many lovers of franchise were skeptical about upon its initial announcement. Fans felt the series ended perfect with its third installment that was released nearly a decade ago - June 18, 2010 to be exact. As more trailers have released, the skepticism has turned into excitement and with the addition of names like Keanu Reeves, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key (AKA ‘Key & Peele’)… ‘Toy Story 4’ might just be a sequel we didn’t know we needed, but do. And judging by the current pre-sale figures, people are stoked. 2018’s ‘Incredibles 2’ - a sequel to another Pixar classic - held the record for pre-sale tickets for an animated film and went on to bring in over $1.2 billion worldwide vs. its $200 million budget. However, while exact numbers have not been released, both Fandango & Atom Tickets say ‘Toy Story 4’ has already bested the ‘Incredibles 2’ figure when comparing numbers 24 hours after pre-sales kicking off. ‘Incredibles 2’ does still hold the records for the highest grossing animated film in the US (‘Frozen’ takes the cake for worldwide box-office. Go Disney!) but don’t be surprised if ‘Toy Story’ dethrones ‘em. Estimates already have ‘Toy Story 4’ eyeing a massive $100m - $150m opening weekend; ‘Toy Story 3’ brought in $110.3m in the US on its opening weekend. After already releasing the second highest grossing film of all time this year - ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with $2.68 billion - and the hugely successful live-action ‘Aladdin’, which has brought in $267.9 million worldwide in its first week… it’s safe to assume Disney has another hit on their hands. One possible boost to help ticket sales soar even higher? Many of those who were children when the earlier ‘Toy Story’ films came out now have children of their own to bring along. Are you looking forward to ‘Toy Story 4’? Do you think Disney/Pixar will give the franchise the ending it deserves? 
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