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What Is The Stardust Cinema Club?

Team Stardust
May 22, 2020

We’re back and ready for some more virtual group movie nights! We were so inspired by all of you who participated in the 30 Daily Movie Challenge that we decided to launch the Stardust Cinema Club.

Think of the Stardust Cinema Club much like the Daily Movie Challenge. The Cinema Club is a place where we all have the opportunity to watch a movie together every night. It’s pretty much like a virtual movie night, every night.

All films chosen will be recommended by YOU! That’s right, you can head down to the comments anytime and drop in one of your favorite flicks. But this time, there’s a twist.

Each Monday we’ll announce a new theme. Some themes could be Blow Your Mind, Game Night, or even the ambiguous 👀 emoji. Once the theme is announced, head down to the comments to recommend films you love that fit the theme. We will choose the week’s films from your comments. If yours gets picked, we’ll share your profile, and you will have ultimate bragging rights. 

We knew we wanted to continue something like the Daily Movie Challenge and are so happy to finally announce the Stardust Cinema Club. We have missed chatting with you all about your favorite flicks and coming together as a community in this unique way.

We are really excited to start having virtual movie nights, every night with all of you again.

Here's a list of every movie we have watched together so far.