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What’s Next for Arya Stark?

May 2, 2019
'What’s Next for Arya Stark?' by Austin Bruns Finally, the main threat from beyond the wall has been defeated and the remaining three episodes will pick up the pieces and determine who (if anyone) will sit the Iron Throne. The character who ended the threat, however, may not have been who many of us predicted. It would have made sense if Jon had been the one to ultimately take out the Night King considering his character’s long and difficult journey north of the wall. Bran would have been a no brainer as well since he’s had a deeper connection with the Night King than any other character on the show. Daenerys would’ve made sense due to her being a close match for the Azhor Azhai / Prince that was Promised prophecy. In the end, it was Arya Stark who ended the Night King’s reign and I for one, am not at all mad about it. Arya has been training this entire show and developed “a particular set of skills” (a-la Liam Neeson), perfectly suited for committing an assassination just like this one. But now that Arya has stepped up and committed what has to be the most important act of the series so far, what else could possibly be in store for her in the remaining episodes? A lot of people thought Arya would be the one to kill Cersei. Melisandre predicted she’d take the lives of people with brown eyes, blues eyes, and green eyes. Meryn Trant had brown eyes, the Night King had blue eyes, while Cersei’s eyes are green. That and Cersei has been on her kill list now for multiple seasons. Arya could use her skills as a faceless man to get close to her much more easily than some other characters in the show. But would the show runners really have Arya kill both of the top villains in the whole series? That would be an impressive resume. I think it’s more likely that Arya plays a major role in the remaining episodes, but perhaps that they give the honor of killing Cersei to another major character. (My vote is for Tyrion)! Bold Prediction: We’ll get the Clegane Bowl we all so desperately want, but the Hound will lose. Then Arya will avenge the Hound’s death and kill Zombie Mountain - David and Goliath style. Now that she’s just killed the leader of the undead army, what do you think is the next step for Arya Stark? Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at