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What's Next for Spider-Man?

Panashe Ndou
July 8, 2019

The second solo adventure for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man just hit theaters, and it had some big shoes to fill following Avengers: Endgame (one of the biggest movies of all time).

Thankfully Spider-Man: Far From Home ended up being an entertaining, surprising, and satisfying film for fans. It offers a great view of the world post-Endgame and a is nice set up for the rest of the MCU going forward, and a great continuation of Peter Parker’s story (and since it was recently rumored that we may be getting 7 more MCU Spider-Man movies, we have a lot to look forward to).

So without further ado, let’s check out what exactly it is we might be looking forward to:


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Tom Holland as Spider-Man & Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' (2019)

1. Mysterio

So unless you missed the last act of the movie (which is quite a lot), you know that Mysterio dies, then in the mid-credits scene it is revealed one of Mysterio’s accomplices leaked fabricated footage showing that Spider-Man was responsible for what happened in London as well as Mysterio’s death. To put a cherry on top, he also revealed Spider-Man’s true identity to the world. “People need to believe and nowadays they’ll believe anything.” These dying words from Mysterio create the very real possibility that he could still be alive.

Throughout much of the second half of the movie, reality becomes a very fluid concept and Mysterio makes it clear that (to quote Thanos) reality can be whatever he wants it to be--and making people believe what he wanted is exactly how the movie ends. But is that really the end of his story? Being the master of illusions, Mysterio could have devised an entirely different plan once encountering Spider-Man’s interference, a plan in which revealing Spider-Man’s identity to the world, could only be the beginning.

2. Norman Osborn

Relax, before you get paranoid about missing something, neither Norman Osborn, nor Oscorp is mention in the film. However, part of a very newly-renovated building is seen in place of Avengers tower at the end of the movie, and if we remember Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Avengers tower was sold to an undisclosed buyer. This buyer could very likely be Norman Osborn, the new building could very likely be Oscorp, and seeing as the building looks pretty much done with construction in the movie, Norman could be dropping by as soon as the next Spider-Man film.

With Peter’s identity exposed (and Norman being the shady, lucrative businessman that he is), Norman Osborn may show up and offer ‘help’ to Peter in his new precarious situation. Peter, being much less naïve and more cautious after the events of this movie, probably won’t take up that offer suspecting (to quote Daniel Craig in the new Knives Out trailer) that foul play is at hand. Which it most likely will be. Mysterio’s goal of making people believe what he wants is (coincidentally) exactly up Norman Osborn’s alley (Dark Reign should come to mind for comic book readers.

While Norman Osborn’s inclusion the next Spider-Man film would be interesting, with Osborn’s status and comic book history, it’s possible he may end up being an overarching villain for the MCU, and not just Spider-Man. This leaves the position of the main villain for the third installment open for grabs, and I know the perfect person to fill it…

3. Kraven the Hunter

Spider-Man has one of the most diverse rouges’ galleries among comics. My personal favorite villain to debut in these new Spider-Man movies was Mysterio, and now since he’s finally made his mark, it’s time for another fan-favorite villain to have his screen time.

Sergei Kravinoff (AKA Kraven the Hunter), has appeared in multiple Spider-Man games and TV series, and since the character’s half brother Dmitri Smerdyakov appeared in Spider-Man: Far from Home, Kraven may not be too far behind. Kraven’s big thing is that he is worlds best hunter, and now with Peter’s identity exposed and the safety of himself and his loved ones at stake, it’d be the perfect time for Kraven to make his debut. Playing a huge role in one of Spider-Man’s most famous stories (Kraven’s Last Hunt), he’s just the perfect candidate.

Fun fact: Ryan Coogler initially wanted him to appear in Black Panther.

4. Spider-Man the Avenger

This one’s a little more obvious, but worth mentioning. With Iron Man having a supporting role in Homecoming and Nick Fury in Far From Home (plus Sam Wilson’s Captain America, almost appearing), it is likely that other MCU characters may appear in the third film. As made clear in this film that the status of the Avengers on earth is currently unclear, and with Spider-Man getting a larger hero status, by the third film, Spider-Man may aim to clear his name and accept an official team membership with a new team of Avengers. 

5. Sinister Six

For a long time, it’s been planned that the Sinister Six will make an onscreen appearance, and so far, the MCU Spider-Man movies have been sowing seeds for their eventual appearance (in a much more subtle way than in Amazing Spider-Man 2).

The mid-credits scene for Spider-Man Homecoming showed Mac Gardan (who in the comics is Scorpion) talking to Adrian Toomes about “snapping Spider-Man’s neck”, and now since everyone knows who he is, we can expect some danger to come his way.

With Michael Keaton keen on returning, Mysterio possibly being alive, and potentially adding Norman Osborn and Kraven the Hunter to the mix, the Sinister Six may definitely finally show up at some point in Spider-Man’s future.

6. Spider-Man No More

In the comics (Civil War) after Spider-Man reveals his identity to the world, it (obviously) results in Aunt May getting shot. In another occasion (Spider-Man No More) after Spider-Man is sick of not being appreciated, despite saving so many people, he divides to stop being Spider-Man.

Now, with everyone knowing who Spider-Man is, it is almost guaranteed the third film will see him dealing with the pressure and increased struggle to protect the ones he loves (May, MJ, Ned, Happy etc.) Peter’s desire to focus more on a normal life was highlighted in Far From Home, so it is possible that by the end of the third film that the stress may become too much for Peter, forcing him to make the difficult choice to give up the role of Spider-Man (at least for the time being).

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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' (2017) - the first standalone Spider-Man film with Tom Holland

So as you can see Spider-Man: Far From Home creates a lot of possibilities about Spider-Man’s future, and judging by the reactions to the film so far, fans (myself included) are all for it. What do your spidey senses say? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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