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Which Type of Streamer are You?

Team Stardust
July 22, 2020

If you're anything like us, you've probably been streaming a LOT over the past few months. Maybe you've been binging new series like Stateless and Cursed, or watching new releases like Palm Springs and The Old Guard. Or, maybe you've been on a nostalgia kick, catching up on Disney+ or re-watching Friends on HBO Max. We all have our own streaming habits.

A recent study conducted by Hulu found that more than 90 percent of people ages 13-54 subscribe to at least one streaming service. They also discovered that not everyone streams content in the same way. In fact, their research shows there are actually four types of streaming habits that can be identified by different psychological traits.

1. Therapeutic Streaming: The largest group of the four types of streamers is made up of people who stream shows and movies to decompress. The types of shows and movies are usually associated with nostalgia, which are often more lighthearted and comforting in nature.

2. Classic Streaming: Less than 25 percent of streamers identify with this category. ‘Classic Streamers’ tend to watch shows and movies at a set time, typically with friends or family. Hulu also found that people who fall into this group are more likely to be married.

3. Indulgent Streaming: Bring on the binge-watchers! Roughly 21 percent of streamers fall into this category—those who can easily view an entire season (or multiple seasons) in one weekend.

4. Curated Streaming: This final group makes up only 13 percent of all streamers, and is defined by people who watch shows or movies that create or drive cultural conversations. An interesting note is that this group is mainly composed of people in Gen Z.

What type of streamer do you think you are? Are you a ‘Therapeutic Streamer’ who mainly watches shows to unwind, or do you watch shows to be a part of a larger conversation like ‘Curated Streamers’? Let us know your streaming group in the comments below!