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Who Will Die at The Battle of Winterfell?

April 24, 2019
'Who Will Die at The Battle of Winterfell?' by Farrell Ingle Well folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The hordes of dead are south of the Wall and the armies of man stand in their way, buckled down at Winterfell. It's been quite a journey to get here and I, for one, am excited to see how it plays out. The last episode laid the groundwork for us to emotionally reinvest in each of our favorite characters before they head into the biggest battle the show has ever seen. Lady Brienne saved Jaime’s bacon and was knighted Ser Brienne for her trouble, an honor long overdue. Sansa and Theon hugged it out while Arya and Gendry did a little more than that. Sam, Ed, and Jon took one last look northwards as the last remaining men of the Night’s Watch. Sam honored Jeor Marmont by giving Jorah his family sword. Even The Hound waxed poetic for a brief moment. The episode was chalk full of thoughtful moments, which means, of course, that we’re going to pay for it in the bloodiest of fashions. This leaves me with the question churning in everyone’s minds. Who won’t survive the Battle of Winterfell? Will it be a massacre like The Red Wedding or a delay in the inevitable like The Battle of the Bastards? Check out my ideas below and let’s argue about it in the comments. THE FAVORITES 1. Brienne of Tarth – She’s now a knight, the thing she’s always wanted (besides, perhaps, a roll in . the hay with Ser Jaime). So where is there to go from here? I could see Brienne laying waste to the dead, only to sacrifice herself so Jaime (or Tormund??) survives. It’d be tragic and a perfect personage of Brienne’s character. If she goes down, it’ll be heroic af no doubt. 2. Theon Greyjoy – Similar to Brienne, Theon has come full circle. He got his voice back, he saved his sister, and the Starks accepted him back into their ranks. What better way to go out than distracting an Ice Dragon from swallowing up poor Bran? Theon told us that nothing would honor him more than protecting Bran from certain death. I think he’ll get his wish. 3. Jorah Mormont – This one I’m almost sure of. Like Theon, Jorah has been on quite the journey. With Sam’s gift of Heartsbane, Jorah’s got a Valyrian steel sword yet again. He’s dodged death plenty of times and regained the trust and love of Dany. He even told her it was okay that she picked Tyrion’s brains over his undying…loyalty. Plus, there’s the connection to his father, Jeor Marmont, who died protecting the Wall with the Night’s. Watch. THE WILDCARDS 1. Grey Worm – You can’t go making vacation plans before the big battle! When my boy bid farewell to Missandei, he made the classic mistake of thinking happy thoughts before the dirty work is done. I worry that he’s going to pay for such niceties with his life and we’ll lose our favorite couple in Westeros. 2. Tormund Giantsbane – Sure, he didn’t get to lay with Ser Brienne. But maybe bragging about suckling a giant’s teet and pouring milk down his chest was good enough. Tormund has long been a fan favorite, but can you really see him heading south with Jon and Dany? Tormund is a Wildling through and through. He’ll die to protect his land and will surely take out an incredible amount of undead with him. Though, he’s such a badass that perhaps he survives for all those reasons! 3. Arya – This one is a longshot, but if one of the Starks dies to protect Winterfell, she’s the best choice. Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell and clearly has unfinished business with Daenerys. And Jon, well, we know he’s not dying yet. Bran could die, but he’s not really a Stark anymore is he? With Arya, you’ve got a girl who’s now undoubtedly a woman. She helped put her sister in power at Winterfell, reconnected with Jon, and made nice with The Hound. She kicks ass with a sword and has no fear of death. What better way to go than defending her family’s castle from . hordes of undead creatures? This would be a shocker, but we gotta expect at least one major character to die, right? Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at