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Will Bran play a larger role in the fight against Cersei?

May 4, 2019
'Will Bran play a larger role in the fight against Cersei?' by Austin Bruns Does anyone else feel like Bran has been a little disappointing this season? He was not nearly as instrumental in taking out the Night King and his army as I’d hoped he’d be. He spent many seasons wandering the north and discovering his unique abilities to warg, have visions, and travel through time and now he’s in the midst of a war for the Iron Throne after the show’s primary threat from the North has been defeated. Bran did have a connection to the Night King, but it felt like his vast knowledge more than any of his abilities attributed to their victory. But there is so much that he could do in a fight against the living that he wouldn’t have been able to do against the dead. If anything, Bran is even more useful now than he was in the fight against the Night King. Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven for crying out loud. He can see everything, he can warg into animals, travel back in time… sort of, we think. It’s time for Bran to stop staring creepily at everyone and start playing a major part in the fight against Cersei. Using his visions, he has an all access pass to all of Cersei’s evils and would know better than anyone that her goals to conquer Westeros must be stopped. Ever since Bran first started having visions way back in the early seasons, his sole purpose has been stopping the Night King and his army of White Walkers. Now that his main threat has been dealt with, will Bran help Jon & Danny’s army defeat Cersei, Euron, and the Golden Company? Bran could help in multiple ways – by using his visions to see exactly what Cersei is planning, or (what we’re all hoping for) warging into a dragon and destroying the entire Lannister fleet. He could even theoretically warg into Cersei herself, although it’s not clear that he’s mastered his powers enough to pull that off. But will Bran even be inclined to help the North in their fight for the Iron Throne at all? I could see it being the case that Bran doesn’t even participate in the Northern army’s cause. Now that the Night King is defeated, he may not care about the trivial machinations of mankind. We’ve already seen him heartlessly turn away Meera Reed after she risked her life guiding him to safety. Maybe that scene was foreshadowing Bran’s indifference to the plights of man. Maybe it isn’t his place to fight in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. He could simply return north of the wall and spend the rest of his days rooted beneath a Weirwood tree. Bran should be able to play a pivotal role in the war for the Iron Throne. Will we see him using his powers to stop Cersei and help the North or has Bran fulfilled his purpose, leaving mankind to deal with the remaining struggle themselves?