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'World War Z 2' begins production in March

Team Stardust
January 11, 2019

The hit 2013 apocalyptic action horror film ‘World War Z’ has a sequel in the works and production is about to kick off.

Inspired by the hugely successful book by Max Brooks (son of filmmaker Mel Brooks) of the same name, the movie rights were secured in 2007 - only a year after the horror novel’s release.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production companies got into a bidding war for the rights, with Pitt coming out on top. He went on to star in the film which cost $190 million to make and pulled in $540 million during its theatrical release.

The sequel has been a long time coming.

Marc Forster, the first film’s director, stepped away from any involvement with the sequel after reported clashes between the cast and crew during the production on the original. J.A. Bayona (‘The Orphanage’) was expected to be the replacement but he too stepped away from the sequel in 2016.

Now, David Fincher has come onboard to direct with Brad Pitt taking on the leading role again. Another reason on delay in production was Fincher wanted to make sure the script was as strong as could be before moving forward and it seems we’re finally there.

Production is kicking off in March with filming location ranging from Spain, Thailand and Atlanta under the name 'Maximillian'.

Fincher is a notoriously picky filmmaker with high standards and quality movies. The original film was met with mixed reviews and criticized for having very few similarities to the book which inspired it… how do you think Fincher will do with this project?

Are you excited for ‘World War Z 2’?

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