Get Verified on Stardust



What does it mean to be Verified on Stardust?









How do I become Verified on Stardust?






Show us that you have a massive & engaged following!


Once you reach our standard for a high follower count, we'll conduct an official review of your account.


That’s when we’ll determine your verification status.










How do I grow my Following on Stardust?




VerificationShow love to get love!

Everyday, you should:

– Follow other users

– Like + Comment on their reactions

– Tag others in your reactions by typing @ _____________ (username)

– You'll be surprised how many people follow back!



VerificationPost reactions as often as you can!

– Post at least once a day

– Best times to post are every morning & night



VerificationDrive your engagement!

Remember, having followers is cool, but having ENGAGED followers is what you should strive for.

– Ask questions in your reactions and tell people to respond with a reaction or comment

– Reply to your comments and start conversations!



VerificationUse creative tips and tricks!

Here's a great one:

–  Go to the Profile of someone with a large following

– Tap on their followers

– Follow and engage with everyone on that list



VerificationContinue to bring new users to the app!

These are still the people who are most likely to follow you. How do you do it?

– Share your reactions to social media and encourage people to follow you

– Feature reactions from others on your Youtube channel





Be sure to read ourStardust Partnership Guideto learn about the best strategies for promoting Stardust, and check out some of our examples below:



Questions? Message us directly in the app under Profile>Settings>Feedback/Support or online






So, are you ready to work towards being a Verified account?
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